About Pete’s Meat, Butcher Shop & Deli

Within a year of opening, Pete’s Meat has been hailed by Vancouver foodie’s, a hot bed spot for special occasion orders and become a staple for a growing number of people looking for anti-biotic, hormone free and free range meat and deli products.

Pete himself, is the head butcher in house and assists his staff to perfect the craft they hold so highly as a great service to the local community. The staff includes a range of experience from across Canada and often there are international butchers and chefs who join the ranks.

Location wise, Pete has chosen an incredibly convenient place to open his doors. Nestled inside Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood, Pete’s Meat is as close as it can be to the burgeoning foodie scene in the entire north west.

Anymore questions, comments or concerns can always be voiced by calling Pete’s Meat. You may even get an answer, right from Pete himself.

Great Located & Easy To Order

Ample street parking and tables to enjoy a fresh deli made sandwich are just a few reasons to make Pete’s Meat a destination for a quick bite. Orders can be made by phone, in person and now online for all customers new and old to enjoy the true variety and quality made available daily.

Just as customer service and convenience are top priorities at Pete’s Meat, the process of supplying the community with top notch ingredients spares no exceptions. Local farms and dairies deliver products daily to ensure freshness and availability.

Pete’s Meat is open 7 days a week from 10am to 8pm. Located on the south west corner of 12th Ave West & Arbutus Street. Online ordering is also available within this website to ensure you have special orders to meet your schedule.

Vancouver Canada’s premier butcher shop and deli is proud to serve the food loving, health concious, omnivore, carnivore and locavore community.