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Seasonal favourites are best made in advance. Book now to secure an incredible main dish for a near future occasion.

BBQ. It's whats up.

The freshest. The tastiest. The lavish tasting brilliance of gourmet patties and sausage will make your tail gate parties, beach parties and deck parties the thing of legends. Cook it up, your royal bbq-ness.

Grill It Hot

It's BBQ Season! Open that lid and smell that sizzle. Fresh kabob at the counter and made to order gourmet. Variety will keep your guests smiling as they settle into food coma ecstasy.

Breakfast Favourites

The freshest sausage links and lean, hearty bacon strips will keep your breakfast mornings the sharpest to keep you going all day.

Deli Fresh

Our deli is open and provides fresh sandwiches!
We have imported Montreal smoked meat, specialty local select deli favourites and 'Chose Your Own Adventure' options.


Be sure to check out our grocery shelves!
While you're picking up an order or passing through, we have a variety of grocery items you'll be happy to add to your list and into your fridge.

Deli & Groceries

Our grocery section is a great place for you to find a variety of preparation ingredients or ready to serve dishes. We offer a range of products that you'll find hard to get, of high quality and great price.

Vancouver's premiere meat and deli shop on 12th and Arbutus.
Order online, come see our selection or get a fresh deli sandwich!
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